Fast Seller!

Apologies, if you regularly look at our website and missed the 1950s red dress I put on the site on Sunday.  It’s Sold!  I put her in the shop window and a lady fitted her on and fell in love with her today.

I’m not looking forward to breaking the news to a lovely lady who popped in just as we were closing on Sunday, saying she absolutely loved the dress and would be back today….When you see original vintage, you just have to commit to it – and I speak from experience.  I still think about a beautiful 1950s summer dress that I saw in a vintage shop in Southampton.  I was being a good girl, dashing back to work after a half-day course. I thought to myself, “I’ll come back on Saturday and try her on”.  I returned two days later and, you’ve guessed it, the frock was gone and, of course, I’ve never seen anything like it, since.

If you’re planning a visit to Winchester – as often happens with our customers – and you see something on the website that you’d LOVE to try on before purchase, then just ring me a couple of days’ before your trip and I’m happy to reserve it; with no pressure on you to purchase it. Please don’t join The Disappointed!



1950s Summer Dresses

New to the website, today, are two lovely vintage dresses for the summer. Sizes 12 to 16. So, if you’re looking for something cool, stylish and original for your vintage summer, go straight to our 1950s and 1960s pages.  You’ll find them on page 4.

Keep an eye on us, as I’m hoping to add a couple of other items over the next week!

New Online Items?

Gradually waking up here in crisp, bright Winchester!  Hope you’re not too cold out there but are looking forward to the new adventures ahead! For me, that includes learning a new way of bringing our gorgeous treasures to you via the website. My computer decided to go into retirement so a lovely friend revived it and put new software on it.  Oh dear – vintage fashion; vintage brain!  It’s taking me awhile to get acquainted with it and we’re still at that “first date” stage so please be patient with me!  We have some lovely 1930s and 1940s items to add but they do tend to go quickly in the shop so, if you can, blow away those cobwebs and take a trip out to lovely Winchester or just drop me an email. Happy 2017!