1940s Wool Coat*SOLD*

Beautiful 1940s Green Wool Coat

Product Description

A 1940s green wool coat that is beautifully tailored. This Autumn be stylish and original!

This gorgeous vintage coat is double-breasted with concealed pockets and turn up cuffs to the sleeves. The cuffs are not stitched down so you have the choice to wear your sleeves as you wish. If you have a beautiful pair of vintage gloves you might like to show them with the sleeve cuffs turned up.

There is no label so I think this coat dates from late-1940s to early-1950s as the style crossed over the two decades. Of course, Style never dates!

Size: Approx Bust 34-36″; Waist 30″ so similar to today’s UK size 10 to 12. When doing your measurements, please be sure to allow room for any additional winter clothing that you might want to wear beneath this coat.

Condition: Over 60 or 70 years old so there are some small areas of fading with a small tear in the lining near the collar.

This coat proves that you can look sexy on a cold day!

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