30321 Gauntlet Gloves *SOLD*

Iconic pair of 1930s Gauntlet Gloves

Product Description

Beautiful pair of 1930s gauntlet gloves in red and cream leather. Soft suede leather interior. They say, Agatha Christie, Poiret, Burgh Island!

Size: Six-and-a-half has been written inside both gloves in blue ink. When I tried one glove on I measured around my hand (just above the thumb) and tape said 180 mm – if that helps.
Length:307 mm

Condition report: I’m not sure if these gloves have ever adorned fair hand! When worn, there is a grey line that goes along the length of the glove where they have been folded flat. In terms of marks, there is a small blue ink mark (biro?) on one cuff (palm side on right-hand glove) and a smaller mark on the outer side of the other glove’s cuff.

Additional Information

Weight 495 g

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