Very Downton Abbey, Very Agatha Christie!

Just posted – a stunning Lister’s 1920s black velvet coat! Very Downton Abbey and very Agatha Christie!  I have kept this coat close by me in the shop because I love her so much but the time has come for her to be loved and enjoyed by the right person.  So, I have finally priced and labelled her and am preparing myself for the inevitable tears!

30385 Stunning Vintage 1920s Coat

Of course, if you click on our 1920s section on our menu, not only will you find this gorgeous coat but you will also find a lovely little jacket.  I could just imagine Lady Mary wearing this jacket as she went for an Autumn horse-ride across the Grantham Estate!

Downton Abbey Returns!

Downton Abbey Returns!  To welcome back the Grantham household, we have some of our original 1920s gowns and accessories adorning our windows!  If you can’t pop along to our Winchester shop – and you can’t wait for the new series of Downton to start – check out our 1920s collection here on the website.  We do have more to add, so bear with us.  In the meantime, here’s the reverse view of one of our beauties…

Very Downton Abbey!

1920s Beaded Dress