Spring Has Sprung At Stardust Years!

Yes, Spring has truly sprung here at Stardust Years Vintage with our Spring wardrobe gradually being introduced to the shop and to our website.  As you know, our website only has a fraction of the stock we have in the shop, mainly due to the ineptitude of the staff…oh, that’s me!! Vintage fashion, vintage brain when it comes to most matters digital, I’m afraid, so I’m quite slow at putting items here on the website.  Please forgive me.

However, I have added, this week, two items ideal for Spring!  A lovely 1960s dress http://www.stardustyears.com/product/1960s-dress/ and a gorgeous spring coat by that great vintage company, Deréta http://www.stardustyears.com/product/dereta-vintage-coat/

Keep visiting our website as I will be adding vintage items for the new season as well as posting news of our forthcoming Vintage Catwalk Show in April with Winchester Fashion Week!


1940s Dress

Just added to the website, today, is a lovely late-1940s grey day dress by Blanes.  She has a few issues but I think, for a lady over 70 years’ old, they are pretty minor – but why not click on the link and see for yourself http://www.stardustyears.com/product/1940s-dress-by-blanes/

In the meantime, I shall be adding some 1920s items so do check back in a few days! I do try to add items more frequently than it might appear. The problem is, I take the photos, load them, write the text and then a customer comes into the shop and buys them before I’ve been able to post them on the website!  It’s funny how frequently that happens.  Here’s an example … I was all ready to post these vintage wedding garters, today, and a customer purchased them this morning!

So, if you’re looking for anything in particular or you are interested in a specific item or period, please just email me.  If we don’t have it, or you don’t fancy buying it, that’s not a problem.  At least you’re not missing out on a potential gem because you can’t get into the shop.  I’m very happy to take photographs of items – I need the practice!